Friday, March 23, 2007

Currently Listening to...

What a joyous March it's been in the world of music. Almost makes up for the last couple of years of crapola.

1) Arcade Fire - Neon Bible. Fantastic follow-up to my favorite album of the decade. Neon Bible debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. (I think #1 was Kanye West or some other garbage.) The fact that an intelligent, passionate, creative band like these guys is embraced by this country makes me want to take back some of the horrible, horrible things I've said about the US.

2) LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver. Listening to the first few seconds of the opening track, I thought "wait a minute, this sounds just like Losing My Edge, has he run out of ideas already?" And then the Kraftwerk Robots beat kicks in. And then the song gets super-fucking-awesome. And the rest of the album follows suit.

3) AIR - Pocket Symphony. While not quite as strong as 2004's superb Talkie Walkie, Pocket Symphony will ultimately nestle in AIR's body of work nicely. Another exquisite delicacy from the French guys.

4) Modest Mouse - We Were Dead. In truth, I haven't given this one a proper listen yet but I'm glad it's there and from what I've heard thus far it's pretty worthy.

5) The Good, the Bad and the Queen - (self titled). Damon Albarn's latest project is no Gorillaz but it's still quality. The kind of album that you can dive into or just have in the background.

6) The Black Angels - Passover. Not a day goes by where I don't pop this scuzzy record in my brain.

7) Lily Allen - Alright, Still. Not really the kind of thing I normally listen to but almost every song is hilarious and catchy.


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